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About Nightlife Production

If looking for dj / Music producer you at the right Place As musician I have many years as musician and dj to bring you unparalleled creative music ideals. The difference between a beat maker and a music producer is that the beatmaker makes hip-hop and rap beats, whereas a music producer is less specific and can make any kind of music. The word, “music producer,” can also refer to someone who helps develop an artist and their musical projects.

Look For Events dj #Kevdjvapor 20 years of club and Mobile Djing. Sounds that of House Music and all other genres of music. You find Kev Dj Vapor as one the most diverse dj as musician and dj

An Idea Is Born

We are all born with some level of music aptitude, suggesting that anyone can become a musician, but some are born with a better potential. Music is feeling and vibration of your emotions. 

How we setup

  • Ideals

  • Goals

  • Budget 

  • Let Get tp work 

Music Videos

Luv In My soul

Hip Cat Groove

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